Privatize a unique hotel for a special occasion

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Un besoin spécial? A 10, 20… 60 personnes? HEJMO s’adapte à votre besoin et humeur du moment.

Is it for a group reservation, the organization of an event (bachelorette party, reunion, relaxation or sports stay),
some teambuilding in Hossegor, or the establishment privatization?

HEJMO team will be able to adapt your welcome and advise you on the best plans, the best addresses, and the activities that make you vibrate.
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Staying at HEJMO Hossegor means accessing multiple nature, sports or relaxation activities.

Do you want to book a group experience?


Booking HEJMO Hossegor means promoting sharing, discovery and authenticity in a relaxed atmosphere.

Is it to organize a future event?


Visit HEJMO Hossegor is willing to experience a stay between a shared accommodation and a hotel in an exceptional setting.

Do you want to live a different experience?