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A place to live in Hossegor more than an affordable hotel

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HEJMO is not just a bed to sleep in…

More than a hotel, it is a hybrid affordable living space in Hossegor that reinvents the way of traveling, working and exploring.

Between coworking and coliving, between hostel and traditional hotel, HEJMO is a singular concept.
Riding on new work habits and the ever-growing thirst for travel and escape, HEJMO was built, 6 years ago, around a simple observation:
Work (productivity) on the one hand and travel (leisure) on the other are not opposites.
Travel and Work are compatible.
They complement and enrich each other through encounters and discoveries.

HEJMO does not believe in cold, impersonal hotels either.
The traditional hotel business has for far too long moved away from the friendly warmth of an inn. It is this warmth, this return to home, this swarm of exchange and sharing that we finally exchange with a touch of digital nomads, travelers and locals.

Finally, HEJMO makes you discover a unique region: Hossegor:
– A breathtaking natural setting (endless sandbeaches, ocean and marine lake, Landes Coast pine forests, or Basque country wild landscapes and typical architecture);
– Many activities (surfing, SUP, hiking, bicycles / fat bikes, cooking, concerts, exhibitions …).

Whether you are a digital nomad, a group of friends, a family, a couple, a backpacker or a passionate surfer, HEJMO was made for you.

Between travel and work, why have to choose?

An affordable hotel in Hossegor for coworking and having fun

Between the comfort of an office and the softness of a home, HEJMO reinvents the meaning of hospitality by uniting a community like a family.

Whether you are working in our fully equipped coworking space, whether you have a drink or a small meal in our bar-restaurant or rooftop, whether you are simply staying in our hotel for a little while, or whether you are relaxing in our garden near the heated swimming pool, HEJMO has arranged its spaces to better meet your mood, your agenda and your desires of the moment…. plus a few surprises!

The HEJMO team unearthed the best addresses and activities, such as those off the beaten track, to better share their good advice and make you live a special moment.

If you are looking for authenticity, a return to nature, experiences apart, or encounters rich in sharing, HEJMO was made for you.